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Tamagotchi familitchi dating show

The second wave of designs were released March 20, 2009, and include Yellow, Navy, Green White, and Cream Pink.

The Tamagotchi Connection makes additional changes to gameplay instead of simply changing the games and other minor details.

The Tamagotchi Connection v2 introduces "Gotchi Points", an in-game currency used to buy shop items.

Also, more games are unlocked as the Tamagotchi ages.

It was released in Japan in 1996, then in America and Europe in 1997.

One of the adult characters was a "secret" character, which could eventually appear from one of the other adult characters if given a certain level of care.

It combines elements of the Tamagotchi Plus Color with the Tamagotchi Music Star.

The Tama Town Tama-Go introduced a 4-part greyscale feature as well as a 3D background feature.

The screen of the device featured a 16 x 32 squared dot matrix where the character was displayed.