Start Myolie wu and bosco dating

Myolie wu and bosco dating

The Hong Kong actress made an official announcement of her engagement to fiance Philip Lee, as well as confirmed her wedding plans at an event she recently attended.

With the figure, Myolie Wu wearing a colorful dress, barefoot on the beach, a beautiful face.

First of all, there has been quite a number of speculations about when the actress will be tying the knot.

Latest media reports confirm that it will be on 28 December this year.

According to the same frame and the two husband of Li Chengde, it is the slaughter of dogs coming to this world rhythm: little angel a kiss; give birth to you than a big love in the mother, give you full of spoiled.

Subsequently, the micro-blog has also been a lot of star big coffee forwarding and blessing comments.

On the day of shooting scenes, we are hitting each other, today you see micro-blog, too happy, apricot, bless you.

So, the omnipotent and clever fairies believe that Meng Meng has figured out Myolie Wu's expected date of birth.

She even cries when I am at the door and I tell her next time." She is concentrating making baby now in order to have another companion for her daughter.