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Dimona dating dimona singles lang ru

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Any who have followed the BBC "PICTURES" posts on the "Global Power Shift" thread at that other site, may have noticed an overall shift in the tone and urgency of the 'picture stories', like from that now famous pic of Queen Liz sitting, waiting in an unlit room as if about to go into exile, to a shot of RED ARROW JETS flying at the funnel of the QE2, then add in the selection tintin just gave us, after an earlier run of 'escape' images (common people combined with all manner of transports)..'reasonable' people would just see it as a random reflection of what's going on in the world, except that there is a hell of a lot more interesting and important things going on than monkeys and gorillas, like the "Monkeys and Gorillas" that are opening borders for 'powerless' refugees into hell holes like America and England, while making it much harder to 'escape' into the grossly UNDERpopulated, safe, stable landmass "They" OWN, OZ.

BBC gives us every day these little rebuses to decode. And that days selection....nearly had me back on a posting frenzy, but for not knowing where to start and how to keep some hope, in the telling of the 'message'.

If life were a sports game then we all would want to be it a FAIR game. So let's start with the first interesting piece of news. In Germany to perform at three music festivals, The Innocents recorded the first ever studio version of the track Tell Me If You Can, written by Mc Cartney and legendary UK musician Tony Sheridan in Hamburg in 1962.