Start Teisco serial number dating

Teisco serial number dating

I will list changes as they occur but remember that changes occurred over a short period of time and exact serial # or dates are not available..(Angled neck pickup, with exposed pole piece, neck binding) Known as the Sidejack models The first "official Ventures" guitar was available in very late 1963.

Then if you are very lucky you will also find a letter followed by a two-digit number.

For example you might find something like F62 or S66.

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I get a ton of junk mail in that box, so if you use the header line "Kent guitar", I'm less-likely to miss it.

I think over the years they made guitars with over 50 different sub-brand names and sold them through all kinds of outlets.

Get yourself a flashlight and a mirror and examine everywhere on the inside of the guitar.

If you are lucky you will see a number stamped in there that has an H in front of it.

This will be the model number (the digits after the H which stands for Harmony).

The letter stands for the season and the number is the year.

In these examples an F62 would mean it was part of the mass of guitars they made in the Fall of 1962, or the S66 would stand for Summer of 1966.

In fact, less than 20 of these guitars left the factory that year with the bulk of around 200 sidejacks being made in early to mid ’64.

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