Start Are kalon and lindzi dating

Are kalon and lindzi dating

The most hated “baggage” commenter posted the above picture on his twitter account, tweeting, “Best partner on BPAD the chief aka @lindzicox.”Oh naive Lindzi…first she falls for dud Ben, and now she’s apparently smitten with arrogant Kalon (I do find him somewhat appealing though to be honest! The poor girl needs to get her head on straight, don’t you think?

Chris Bukowski indicated in the beginning that he had quite a crush on Lindzi.

Could lurve be in the works for this mismatched pair?

Perhaps they are better suited than I think…after all, Lindzi entered Ben’s season on a horse, while Kalon swooped in on Emily in a helicopter…CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE!

Unlike Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones, who got engaged before the cameras stopped rolling, moved in together immediately, and broke up just a few months later, Kalon and Lindzi are taking things slow. The event was a huge success, raising $800,000 for the non-profit organization, $10,000 of which Kalon raised by auctioning himself for two helicopter dates. Another Bachelor personality moving in the right direction is Jef Holm.