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Kat dennings michael cera dating

N&N is not trying to sell something or be something--it's not even trying to be great...because most love stories that try to be great fail.

The roles aren't far removed from their natural personalities, lending an authenticity to characters that could otherwise fall flat inside the teen-movie template. Club: On your website, Kat, you called this "the movie of your soul," and said your character is closer to your own personality than any other you've played. It's just maybe a thing that happens because I've never been in something where I was in every scene before. I think there was just no time to be myself, with that schedule. I don't mind if people meet me and don't like me, which happens too.

After a pre-release screening for the public in Chicago, The A. Club talked to Dennings and Cera about flannel, music, and being total poseurs. I'd just get home and go to sleep and wake up and go do Norah, so I think I felt like she was me. I lived in a suburb of Toronto, and all those shows are downtown, which is like an hour drive, and growing up, how are you gonna do that, you know? It's strange when strangers don't like you or do like you. AVC: Originally, the producers had you in mind for a different role?

Where film romances once had the love letter, that’s long since been replaced by the mix CD, carefully compiled to impress your significant other with peerless taste and sensitivity.

AVC: Does it raise the stakes, though, when you have a personal connection to the film? I felt like it was real when we were doing it, though, and I think people can tell when they're watching it. My mom took me to a Dolly Parton concert when I was 3. She tells anecdotes and stuff—like a one-woman show more than a concert.

Alexis Diziena is as useless in this film as she is anorexic and whorish--her part is almost explicitly sexual.

And there are so many subplots that their lives appear at times to be exaggerated.

It all starts when Nick asks Norah to be his girlfriend for five minutes.