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It's hard to believe that we have reached the halfway point of my term as MAHU President!

Grades 7-8, first, Zykeria Lee, Anijah Ball and Janiya Redmond; second, Raven Hottinger; third, Destiny Mc Carraher; honorable mention, Hailey Smith, Jaylyn Carter, Olivia Saunders and Kylie Ewell.

At the same time, MAHU members were reporting a discrepancy with state law and federal rules on how to determine a "full time employee" for the small group market.

Depending on the definition used, a small employer may have been above or below the 50-employee threshold, which drastically changes the benefit structure under the Affordable Care Act.

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Lancaster County Public Schools art teachers this week posted the winners of the 27th annual Spring Art Show of April 25-26.