Start Grandma sex talk on skype

Grandma sex talk on skype

Last Sunday gave our family a chance to experience the best use of internet communications.

Suddenly I hear a funny ringing coming from the bag I had carried over. It was my mother, Dee Gurley and she was calling on Skype! I answered and we were in shock that she had done that. She had been fiddling with her i Pad and all of a sudden, there we were.

So there she was, the camera a little askew, but the sound and connection sure.

Diane counters by asking that they not fast-forward through Mufasa’s death scene.

Jack becomes upset, though, because he thought the family just didn’t want him to see lion sex.

Enough about the loss of contact and community that is engendered by our modern obsession with electronic gadgets, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and smart phone apps!

Let’s forget for a moment about the daily online and print reports of cyber-bullying, sexual predators, and addictions to online pastimes.

Katherine and her fiancé, Travis invited Buck and I and Travis’s mother, Judy Morrison over for a chance to see the newest updates to their apartment before we headed home.