Start Updating clamav in ubuntu

Updating clamav in ubuntu

The fact that IPFire is modular and flexible make it perfect for integrating into any existing security architecture. If all this sounds a little too much for you, IPFire comes with great default settings out-of-the-box, meaning it's a snap to get going quickly! As there is of course no one, single way to achieve network security, it is important for a network administrator to understand their environment and what the term means in the context of their own network. It has the power to segment networks based on their respective security levels and makes it easy to create custom policies that manage each segment (see the Firewall page for more information).

Clam AV’s Freshclam daemon automatically updates its malware signature database at scheduled intervals.

Clam AV runs on Linux and any Unix-type operating system, and Microsoft Windows.

There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris.