Start Updating ie certificates

Updating ie certificates

But you cannot ignore them in a Horizon installation and by allowing almost any client to connect from nearly any place the ability to ensure you’re connecting to the right server is critical.

The first step is to ensure that your environment, including both software and hardware, will support SHA-2 certificates.

Refer to the SHA-2 compatibility page for a list of supported hardware and software.

You can access the Digi Cert CSR Generators in the Common Platforms & Operating Systems section of the Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) page.

To replace your existing SHA-1 certificates with a SHA-2 certificate, you can reissue the certificate, renew the certificate, or purchase a new certificate.

I’ve seen them work fine, but I recommend that you follow what VMware requires exactly to ensure full supportability.

I recommend reading Derek Seaman’s walkthrough on preparing a new certificate for use with VMware.

Generate new Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) for any certificates still using SHA-1 on the server where they are installed.

Digi Cert provides useful CSR Generators for all major server types that automate the CSR generation process.

Apple established the Apple PKI in support of the generation, issuance, distribution, revocation, administration, and management of public/private cryptographic keys that are contained in CA-signed X.509 Certificates.

To better protect Apple customers from security issues related to the use of public key infrastructure certificates and enhance the experience for users, Apple products use a common store for root certificates.

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