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Dating people in wheelchairs

I'm sorry, I misspoke: this gorgeous lady shows up in a wheelchair. It was a lightweight, high-speed type, with custom polished aluminum wheels that looked like spinners on a low-rider! And later went on to set the fastest time of the day in her class. " At that I thought, I'm lucky to have met this woman.

It’s not as easy as it looks, and honestly it doesn’t look that easy!

Personal care needs may be the most common reason that people will pass by a wheelchair user when looking for potential dates.

Dating a man in a wheelchair might not present any additional -- or any fewer -- challenges than dating a man not in a wheelchair.

A woman can have quite enjoyable times with a man who is in a wheelchair.

I never thought about this, really, until the first time I went to an autocross race (if you've never heard of autocross, here's a Washington Post journalist's view of auto cross after his first time )It was my first time, so I asked for a coach (which was an experienced racer validated by the club hosting the race).

I was waiting on the paddock and this lady shows up in a wheelchair.

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