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Click here for Supreme Court of Virginia Opinions Revised within the last six-months 160314 Allison v.

Plaintiff failed, at the summary judgment stage, to come forward with expert opinion establishing certain alleged improper statements made by the defendant doctor were a proximate cause of her alleged injuries in the form of aggravation of preexisting mental or physical conditions. Accordingly, the judgment of the circuit court is reversed and the gas utility's petition for declaratory judgment is dismissed. Atlantic Coast Pipeline 07/13/2017 In a petition for a declaratory judgment filed by a Delaware public service company engaged in storage and transportation of natural gas in interstate commerce, seeking a declaration of its rights under Code 56-49.01 to enter upon the property of landowners, without permission, to conduct preliminary surveys and examinations in anticipation of condemnation proceedings, appraisals, and surveys for proposed natural gas lines in order to satisfy regulatory requirements and to select the most advantageous route, the unambiguous language of the statute establishes the General Assemblys intent for the entry-for-survey privilege be available to foreign natural gas companies that do business within the Commonwealth. Therefore, under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, a party requesting copies of court records must ask each jurisdictions clerk of court for certain court records, rather than seeking to obtain a copy of a database in the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Neither the common law nor Article I, 11 of the Constitution of Virginia provides an objecting landowner with a legally cognizable property right to exclude a statutorily authorized utility from entering their property to conduct preliminary surveys and other tests in anticipation of condemnation proceedings. The judgment of the circuit court denying enforcement of an FOIA request directed to the Office of the Executive Secretary is affirmed. Glock 06/22/2017 In litigation concerning the real and personal property of a family matriarch which was transferred to one of her five children, the circuit court did not err in denying a summary judgment motion challenging the decedent's capacity to convey to one of her daughters her personal property in her personal capacity when she held it as trustee under her revocable trust.

Nor did the court err in excluding from evidence certain tax assessment records offered as proof of the value of the decedent's home, or in striking the plaintiff's evidence on a claim for civil conspiracy.

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As they continue the 85th legislative session, may You bless and keep them, be gracious to them, and give them peace. Relating to the authority of the Texas Water Development Board to use the state participation account of the water development fund to provide financial assistance for the development of certain facilities.

Senator Nichols was recognized and introduced to the Senate a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles delegation, accompanied by Board Chair Raymond Palacios, Executive Director Whitney Brewster, Deputy Executive Director Shelly Mellott, Vehicle Titles and Registration Director Jeremiah Kuntz, and Government and Strategic Communications Director Caroline Love.

As of February 8, 2008 all opinions are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.