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Error updating view domino

However on the server console, we regularly get the message: „Error locating a Domino Directory Entry for certifier /O=Our Company Name/C=CH: Entry not found in index“How can I correct this problem? Juerg In the Domino directory on your server go to the Server\Certificates view. Now Expand the Notes certificates category Do you see a document matching your certifier e.g. If the document exists - - Open this document in Edit mode - Check the Public Key matches the Key in the file (you need to use the tools from the configuration tab on the admin client to view cert ID properties).

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Allocated pages stay in Virtual Memory for a while depending on multiple factors.

The most important factor is if the file is still open by any running process.

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I get the following message when I open the certifier ID to certify a user ID: Error Updating Certifier ID: The following error occurred while trying to update the certificates stored in the Cerifier ID with those form the directory on the server you selected: Entry not found in index Do you wish to continue without updating the Certifier ID?

If I press yes, I can certify the user ID without problems.

Additionally, the Lotus Notes user IDs that are added to the mappings database must be granted at least the Reader permission on all Domino databases that contain Lotus Notes documents and the documents themselves that will be crawled.