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The whole 1,120 acres of the parish remained farmland until development began shortly before the Second World War, spreading from Aldrington., now the oldest surviving domestic building in the city, was built in the 1540s for Richard Bellingham; his initials are carved above a fireplace.

Berry, Professor Michael Victor, FRS, Royal Society Research Professor, Bristol University, for services to physics.

Brown, William, CBE, former chairman of the Scottish Arts Council and of Scottish Television, for services to the arts and to broadcasting.

It was the home of some of Europe's earliest hominids, whose remains have been found at Boxgrove, and was invaded by the Romans and is the site of the Battle of Hastings.

Craven, John Anthony, chairman of Morgan Grenfell Group, for services to banking and to the City of London.

Historic pictures of Scotland are an ideal way to visually uncover the history of Scotland.

Whether rekindling memories from holiday or hometown destinations, old pictures of Scotland will generate waves of nostalgia as they prompt fond trips down memory lane.

Grade II* listed is the oldest in the city, probably dating from the 12th century with a 13th-century tower and medieval decorations..