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What we refer to as first wave feminism gained prominence from the late 19th and early twentieth centuries, though this is western-centric and writes out women’s earlier struggles in Europe from the 15 century.

What’s suddenly happened for you to want to get in on the act?

Feminism is more than the demand for rights for women or equality between women and men.

For me, feminism is the fight for the liberation of all women as a class from subjugation under patriarchy.

Loose the structural analysis and feminism gets lost in the rights of the individual, in identity led politics and notions of choice and agency fail to take sufficient account of context and impact.

Moreover, any Hangout on Air (public or private) is automatically saved as You Tube video that you can keep for private reference or use in any way that you would normally share a You Tube video.

This allows you to record conversations without additional obtrusive software.

The whole sordid description of this window-into-humanity has put me right off my chilli-cheese-and-chips.

Your gratitude would be demonstrated most ably with donations to the usual address, please. So our young and learned colleague is holding court, as the rest of us sit in stunned silence.

Hangouts works with up to 10 participants using video out of the box or up to 15 if you are a business, government or school.

It determines who is the primary speaker at any given time, and the camera view automatically switches to that user.

The Kiiroo is made of plastic and rubber, and conforms to male and female body parts.