Start Local white ladies to fuck with no credit cards

Local white ladies to fuck with no credit cards

To shop online, you need more than just a card number.

Protect your card number: be careful where you write it down, and limit who sees the number.

The big-name credit card companies are forcing stores across the country to adopt this "EMV" tech (short for Europay, Master Card, and Visa), and at best, it's noticeably slower than paying with a good old fashioned magnetic stripe card.

At worst, you're stuck in line at CVS for ten minutes with your razor blades and Softsoap while some sort of archaic cash register reboots itself. But perhaps there's hope—perhaps the seeds of an NFC revolution lie in the high comedy of that line at my local CVS. Not so long ago, if someone used a stolen credit card to make a purchase and got caught, the credit card companies would eat the cost of the fraud.

When card numbers get stolen by fraudsters, they can be used to make purchases in your account.