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Mrs Poole returned home and was talking to her husband when the frenzied attack began at around 7pm on Wednesday.

Moss allegedly beat and stabbed her repeatedly, before fleeing the scene and calling a coworker to pick him up.

El Paso Police say Moss provided a voluntary statement admitting physically assaulting Poole.

"Because the puppy was left alone to [sic] long she passed away.

I don't know how to tell [my wife] that it's too much," he wrote.

El Paso police said it appeared Moss owed the Pooles money after damaging their car and that seemed to be the motive behind the attack.

Moss arrived at the house on Wednesday evening but when no one came to the door he allegedly broke in and hid, clutching a stainless steel knife.

Moss was arrested on a charge of criminal attempted murder and booked into El Paso County Detention Center with a bond of $60,000.