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Who is greg louganis dating

(One of his birth parents is of Samoan ancestry.) Fortunately, the young Louganis soon discovered something that he excelled at.

A little over a year ago, Greg Louganis watched as the audience at San Francisco's Castro Theatre booed Larry King.

Louganis was 54 years old – an age that seemed an impossibility when he first tested positive for HIV in 1988 – attending a screening of the documentary about his extraordinary life, In 1993, losing weight and five years removed from an HIV diagnosis, he was so certain he'd die that he decided to throw himself a final birthday party, for the purpose of saying goodbye to his friends and family.

Louganis, 53, and his paralegal boyfriend, 52, started dating in 2012 after a chance meeting on the dating website .

The couple married in Malibu, California, on Saturday October 12.

Born in San Diego, California in 1960, Greg Louganis began a remarkable diving career while in college and went on to win a record 47 national and 13 world championships.

Over the course of his career, his awards also include five Olympic medals (four gold and one silver), and he was the first diver to ever earn a perfect score of 10.

One of the all-time greatest athletes in his sport, diver Greg Louganis faced many personal obstacles before winning Olympic gold.

He was adopted by Peter and Frances Louganis, joining an older adopted sister in the family.

Instead, he lived, and contacted the writer Eric Marcus in hopes of publishing a memoir.

He didn't know of any famous athletes who'd publicly stated that they were gay and HIV-positive.

After the wedding ceremony, guests were treated to music by recent contestant Dominic Scott Kay.