Start Updating fact tables

Updating fact tables

The capacity for an OLAP cube to store and organize colossal quantities of data is the attribute that makes OLAP more valuable for reporting than a standard relational database.

Here we first we will load our 4 dimension table and then we will load our fact table.

Star Schema where all the dimension tables are directly connected to fact table. Real Time example : We will take up real time example of customer buying a property in #India.

If you have identified information that needs data audit, create database tables as temporal system-versioned.

The following simple example illustrates a scenario with Employee information in hypothetical HR database: CREATE TABLE Employee ( [Employee ID] int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED , [Name] nvarchar(100) NOT NULL , [Position] varchar(100) NOT NULL , [Department] varchar(100) NOT NULL , [Address] nvarchar(1024) NOT NULL , [Annual Salary] decimal (10,2) NOT NULL , [Valid From] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START , [Valid To] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW END , PERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME (Valid From, Valid To) ) WITH (SYSTEM_VERSIONING = ON (HISTORY_TABLE = dbo.

Left justified at the top of the table is the heading Nutrition Facts and stacked below it is the heading Valeur nutritive. The next line is Per 250 m L, forward slash, par 250 m L.

There is a thick rule below the serving size information that spans the width of the table.

Employee History)); Various options to create temporal system-versioned table are described in Creating a System-Versioned Temporal Table.

If you need to perform data audit in existing databases, use ALTER TABLE to extend non-temporal tables to become system-versioned.

Using the example in which daily sales records are added to the cube, I'll show you how to set up the relational tables to facilitate incremental updates.

Then I'll show how to manually update cubes incrementally and how to programmatically update cubes through the Decision Support Objects (DSO) COM interface.

So guys you have seen that we have successfully created all dimension datatables and 1 fact table.